Sunday, 7 September 2008

You Shall Go To The Ball

I am tiara blinged out. I've started on my sister's tiara and it's very sparkly and my eyes feel all funny, so it's time to stop for tonight.

Remeber I said that I might be making the winner's crown for a glamour model's modelling competition? Well I've been accepted and the plans are going ahead which is great news! It's fantastic exposure for my business and it's going to be lots of fun making it. The model is Kerri Parker and this is the site for her Model of The Year competition which I am helping to sponsor. She is quite well known in the industry and gets lots of traffic to her site so hopefully it will encourage people to look at my site too. My banner link is in her sponsors list. The design will look something like this...

Very bling-tastic!

I just had the best text message. P's friend's mom has a 2 year old son who I know and he saw my TiarasAndFascinators flier with my picture on it. He gasped when he saw it and she asked him if he knew who it was. He said 'YES!'. When she asked him who, he said 'Cinderella!'. How cute is that!! At least I'll have a nice tiara for the ball!!

It's been a busy weekend. My friend is coming to stay for a while and we built his new furniture up from flat pack. It was good fun, and we did stop half way through to go to the pub for refreshments! He also got me the BEST t-shirt. A rhinestone Lynyrd Skinyrd one with a drawing of a cow skull draped in a flag with feathers. Sounds revolting, looks amazing! I'll make a rock chick yet!

N x

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