Wednesday, 1 October 2008


YES! I finally got my FIRST ever Etsy Treasury. For those of you who don't know, these are like gold dust. You have to wait until the Treasury list drops below 333 lists and then Etsy opens the portal and allows more people to make their own lists to submit. Due to the time difference (Etsy is American) I am either out, or the portal opens in the middle of the night here so I never get to nab one but last night... BINGO!!

I knew I wanted to do mine on felt and that pink is P and my favourite colour at the moment so.... ta-daaaaa... here is PinkTigersDen's Treasury! AND P helped choose these...

This is the link if you want to see it live until Friday .

Today is my sister R's 31st birthday. Happy Birthday little sister! It was a year ago (I can't believe it) that we had her fancy dress surprise party for her 30th birthday. This year has flown and she's had a GREAT year! A big birthday, an engagement on Christmas Day and a wedding in two and a half weeks time to look forward to with a fabulous honeymoon afterwards! Lucky girl!

Here's a pic of me and Rob from last year's party I dug out. It still makes me laugh. My t-shirt was the wrong colour red. That always bugs me! Loving Rob's wig.

On a crafty note, I sent off my Northern Ireland fascinator and it's been delivered so that's a weight off my mind. Those feathers are cranberry in colour and went perfectly with the black sinamay.

I have another order from London to do and an impending one from the States. I'd better get making, but I'm off out for lunch with my Grandad today, he's 82 but acts like he's 22 sometimes. Here he is last Christmas. :)

N x

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Rob said...

Lovely picture, just been reading what you've been upto from afar!! Love and miss you xxx