Friday, 3 October 2008

I Do...

I just got accepted onto the Etsy Wedding Team today! It's a group of creative and supportive Etsy shop owners who actively promote each other and their quality, handmade, wedding items. Memebership is jury selected so I am very chuffed that I have been accepted onto the team. It's great exposure for me and there are some very talented people there.

They have a blog here that you can keep up to date with and a Myspace page here. I'm really looking forward to being part of this community of artists.

Here are some of the goodies these wonderful people are producing to make people's weddings really special.

Beautiful Bliss Collection Silk Flower by Mikiye Creations (

Custom pillow box favor by Shopbub (

Alessandra - Feather White handbag/bouquet ( talented people.

I sent another double band tiara off to Pennsylvania today for another great Etsy customer. I've had some lovely feedback off people too which I've collated to put onto my T&F site and it should be up there soon.

Out for dinner now with my parents. :)

N x

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Natalie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! How wonderfully exciting for you! We got the clippies today and my daughter had to try each one on and run to the mirror to look at herself. She loved all of them. Keep up the beautiful work. I wish I was getting married again just for one of your tiaras! Thanks for all your hard work, the clips were a hit! Take care...congrats again.