Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe it's Tuesday already. The weekend has flown and I'm not quite sure what we've done!

P went to a party on Saturday which was a massive blow up bouncy shark affair which the kids absolutely loved. It's amazing what keeps them occupied for an hour. She had a great time.

I've been finishing off my batch of fascinators and sent them all off, just rushed out in the wind and rain to post the last one. Here they are:

April Fascinator, to North Carolina, USA:

Rachael Fascinator in cranberry and silver, to Berkshire, UK:

Claire Fascinator, to Times Square, New York:

**oh dear... looks like I forgot to take a photo of this one. It was Poppy red with black feathers. So cool. Drat...**

My cat Charlie has been mousing again. Last night he brought in a mouse and it ran behind the kitchen units. I shut the kitchen door when we went to bed so that it had a chance to escape, but the cat was having none of it. He was launching himself at the door trying to open it to get at the mouse (this is at 11pm when P and I are asleep). I had to go down and let him in and I left him sitting looking at the cupboard. Big mistake. P woke up at half past 2 am and came into bed with me. I went and turned off her night light and got her pillow and jumped back into bed trying to slide in so as not to disturb the cat who was asleep by the side of me and hadn't moved.

5 seconds later the cat jumps off the bed and runs down the stairs like he's been fired out of a gun. I mean FAST. Like 2 seconds from bed to hall. Tom and Jerry stylee.

I am assuming the mouse has had a little tour of the house and ended up following us all into my bedroom to see if it can cozy up with us...

I went downstairs to make sure the cat was ok and he wasn't having some sort of fit, and there, running about is Mousey. Luckily for him he got chased into the fireplace (we have open fires) and there he stayed. I went back to bed. Charlie probably spent 3 hours looking at the fireplace, but got bored and came back to bed because he was there in the morning.

I decided that I would have to investigate this morning... here's what I found when I moved all the logs...

It's a good job I used to have gerbils when I was smaller. This one got picked up by his tail and put outside. Feisty little thing!!

I might set up a sanctuary... Pink Tiger's Sanctuary for Rescued Mice...

N x

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