Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Matrimonial Bliss

Well, she's gone and done it. My little sister is now a Mrs! From hereon in she shall be renamed Mrs P.

Bridesmaids - Me, Laura, P and Charlotte:

The wedding was faultless. Just perfect. The little girls were brilliant and did their flower girl duties without standing on auntie Rachie's dress, and Laura (my other sister) and I managed to get through the whole service without breaking down in hysterical sobs or laughter which is what we were both dreading.

Me and Laura :

Both of them looked amazing and SO happy together. It really makes me feel all warm inside to think that they have so much love for eachother. They've known eachother for half their lives and I don't know many people who marry their best friends, but I think that my sister has truly done that and I know she's going to be really really happy being married to Mathew.

The sun shone on their special day, and I hope it shines on them both for the rest of their lives together. I'd better stop before I get all mushy!

P Does Cute:

These are just some quick photos that someone took, so I'll post more as I get them. :)

N x

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