Tuesday, 14 October 2008


I got selected for an Etsy Treasury yesterday and my Claire Fascinator was in there alongside some amazing vintage stuff chosen by Tigerluxe. Lots of thanks to them for including me.

My friend John at Waterham Studios where I had my website pictures shot wants me to send lots of fascinators to him for a retro/burlesque shoot he's doing on Friday which should be cool. I'll see if he'll let me have a pic or two to put on here. I'm very excited that they are going to be used for that. I'll keep you posted.

It's been book week at school this week and P and her friends had to dress up as their favourite book characters. Here she is as Ariel the Little Mermaid with some of her friends. There were lots of Disney Princesses and their teachers dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf and the woodcutter and ran around the playground, which scared P half to death. She's not into wolves or anything scary. So cute!

The Ginger Ninja has been mousing again. I actually locked myself out of my house at half 11 the other night rescuing a tiny mouse and putting him outside. Luckily I had my phone on my so I rang dad and got him out of bed to bring the spare set of keys! Next day he'd got one and I found it in P's welly boot!, then one ended up running up my flared jeans yesterday whilst trying to rescue it! Honestly, he should be hired out as a mouse catcher. He never kills them, just carries them around and plays with them until I rescue them or they run outside. He's so cool.

Happy days!

N x

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