Monday, 13 October 2008

Bling Bling!

I've started my Model of the Year Competition crown tiara. It's going to be very big and sparkly but going to take a lot of crystals, some of which I've run out of already, so I have to put an order in tomorrow for lots of bling! Here's the beginning of the structure obviously the crystals will be straight on the finished crown! I've wired on the two small combs at the back so that it can fit into the winner's hair easily without falling off. More pics to follow when I get my bling.


I finished and shipped work to the States this morning. It was a Hayley Fascinator in Buttermilk with Silver Accent Feathers:

And P and I sent Barbara, my parent's friend who came over with her husband at the beginning of the year to see us all, a couple of presents for her birthday. A trolley coin with her name on it, and a handmade flower brooch:

I have a crystal bobby pin to make for a lady in the States so I'm off to make that.

N x

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