Friday, 10 October 2008

Warm and Fluffy

I have a fascinator to sew. It's sitting on my desk. I on the other hand am sitting in my comfy blue chair with my cat snuggled up on my lap ready to watch Pretty Woman. (oh how we love a good romantic yarn about being rescued by our knight in shining armour) It's one of my favourite films.

Charlie is 3 next month. He is the most beautiful, loving, clever, snuggly, warm, friendly cat I have ever known. I'm not a cat person... well I wasn't until we had him. He sleeps lots, catches mice and brings them in to me as presents, doubles as P's playmate and growls when someone rings the doorbell. He sits waiting for us if he hears the car engine on the drive, purrrrrs lots and has his own little language of mews, miaows and growls. He is, in my opinion, Top Cat and we love him lots and lots.

I think the fascinator can wait for tonight...

Little sis L and I went to have our bridesmaid dresses fitted on wednesday. We're due to pick them up tomorrow and I can't wait, they are gorgeous. I can't believe that it's next saturday! I'm so excited.

N x

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