Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Uber cold

I had a really lovely message from an Etsy seller the other day. She was complimenting my fascinators and said she was inspired by my class. I am so happy to think that I could inspire someone that I was all puffed with pride. I thought about all the hard work that went into my website, the photos and the write ups and how I'm so lucky to have some wonderful friends who helped me, and are still helping me to create bigger and better things and for someone to actually take the time to mail and say that's inspiring is inspiring in itself! Thank you, Kathy.

Kathy makes and sells bridal veils and has an Etsy shop called VeiledBeauty. This is my favourite one and is called Half Moon Lily and is $70. I love birdcage veils and have thought about making some myself and incorporating my crystal haircombs so Kathy's ended up inspiring me! That's what I love about Etsy!

Today has been freezing. It's been 3 degrees but felt like -3 so today has been sloppy-knit hat day. I brought a blood red one for me with a matching scarf and a purple one for P. She promptly told me that I had to make her a felt flower to go on it so that it would be like her friend Daisy's or she wasn't wearing it. So, being a sucker I did, and it looks great although there's a scary similarity to Frank Spencer and she did her 'Ooooooh Betty' impression and had me crying with laughter. Bless her. She should be on the stage...

I went with Ed into Birmingham to have a mooch around, and we went to the Rag Market, one of my favourite places. I want to get some material to make a roman blind for my front door as it's glazed and has an awful pink roller blind up at the moment which has resided there for 5 years and needs a change! I saw some gorgeous silk patterned material which would look amazing but I have a feeling it will pull so ended up just looking today. We went into St Martin's Church which is in the middle of the new Bullring. It's one of those things that you pass everytime you go into town but never really look at, but it is absolutely beautiful inside with huge vaulted ceilings and amazing stained glass windows. It's great that they cleaned it up and made it a focal point when they regenerated that area a few years ago. It's amazing how such buildings were built all those years ago with such precision and stability.

We managed to divert and get some German pancakes from the market too... Yummy!

I am having a creativity downtime at the moment. I've got lots of materials and know what I want to create but my brain is on a bit of a holiday and needs crank starting. I think I need more sleep!

N x

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