Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Toothless Wonder

How exciting! P's first tooth has fallen out! She is officially called Gappy now (which she hates!) and looks hilarious, but so cute! Thank goodness it didn't fall out before the wedding or the photos would have been ones to remember with her grinning her head off with a big gap! I can remember when she got that tooth. It seems so long ago now, and this feels like a bit of the end of an era and she's growing up so fast.

I've not felt well this week. There's a few bugs going around here and both my parents and Kris have really bad colds and aren't well at all. I've just been really tired and felt under the weather so seem to have slept lots and lots.

I've managed to do nearly all of my Christmas shopping but have it all to wrap up now which will be good as I'll remember what I've actually bought people. P, as usual has too many presents but her main presents this year are a new bike off Nanny and Grandad and some inline skates from Grandy (great grandad). She'll be happy with all of that and it's all a surprise. I have a letter from Santa that I've written and put in the fireplace for her to find tomorrow morning which should be fun. We have a real open fire so Santa really can come down our chimney!!

Her Christmas play at school was so great and she was a light. Not typical Nativity, but she had a glowstick and sang a song which was so cute. I videoed it all and can't wait to watch it again.

My fascinator that I made for Somerset was the wrong colour when my customer received it. It wasn't the right match with her outfit (the colour match on her computer screen was different to mine which can sometimes be an issue) so I made at her request the same fascinator but in black and she's thrilled with that so I'm really pleased.

Ed, my friend, is a photographer and runs workshops teaching other budding photographers how to shoot models. He was running one last weekend with a Christmas theme and asked me to make him a huge Santa sack so that he could photograph Chaana his model coming out of it. It was so much fun to make and ended up being enormous! Here's the results with him modelling superbly!

I've also made a couple of other felt tree ornaments and finished off my friend Jo's requests for a felt brooch and a crystal headband for presents for her to give family which has been fun making. The Happy Tree is for my friend Rick (made up to emulate the Happy Trees that one of my favourite bloggers and shop owners Paper and String makes). I always joke he's miserable so this is to put on his desk at work to remind him to cheer up, the robin is for Mom and Dad.

I'm still knitting my Rudolph toy for P and just have the arms, ears and antlers to do now then have to make it up and stuff it and hopefully he'll be ready for Christmas day! Here he is in bits, body, head and two legs. Poor thing!

Finally I found this on my computer when I switched it on the other day. I really do love being a mommy :)

N x

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Natalie said...

Awww...congrats to P on loosing her first tooth! I'm dreading when Jo-Jo loses his because as you said I remember well when he cut each one. I love your Santa letter idea...I'm betting P will be super surprised and excited. What a fantastic idea!

I hope you feel better soon. We are experiencing the same thing here...sick sick and more sick.

Take care! Happy Holidays!