Thursday, 15 January 2009


One of my nails clients dropped by last night with her daughter who is going to a masked ball tomorrow night. She'd bought a beautiful mask to wear but wanted it customised to match her dress which is navy, so I got out my HUGE box of feathers and after a quick root around and some ideas thrown about we decided to add some simple stripped coque feathers in navy onto the side to give it some height and a silver bhindi-type jewel in the centre to give some interest. She has the most beautiful red hair and will look so good in it.

This is my 60th blog post! I can't believe that I've been blogging for 60 posts now. It's such a lovely way of putting down thoughts and feelings and sharing what I'm doing with friends, family and new blog visitors. I'd never have kept a diary like this if I'd have been doing it by hand, but online it seems more real somehow.

I am still organising my new jewellery, hair accessories and tiaras for the upcoming photoshoot for my Tiaras and and Etsy websites which is great, and I had an order of some fab new crystals and bits and pieces yesterday which was very exciting. I ordered in some metal and crystal ball beads this time and they have gone into making earrings and a necklace with cream coloured pearls which look gorgeous. The website should be updated mid feb with all the new stock and a new look for 2009!

N x

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