Monday, 12 January 2009


I looked out of my window today and saw the biggest fattest squirrel stealing nuts off the bird table and zooming about the garden burying them! He was doing this non stop for at least and hour, and the cat sat on the windowsill for all that time watching him and wishing he was clever enough to figure out a way to evapourate through glass to go on a squirrel chase!

Our snowman has melted to nothing since we got the rain today and I really should brave the elements to go and rescue my hat. If only I could be bothered...

I'm still making lots of jewellery and tiaras for my photo shoot for the website but the date's been put back to February now, which is great as it gives me more time to get more products developed and made to make the most of the shoot with John. I can't wait!

N x

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