Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Blood Red and Tartan

I've finished my Hayley fascinator designed with the special tartan that's going to Idaho in the States. I'm really pleased with it, and the blood red feathers match perfectly with the red of the Flower of Scotland tartan and this is the first time I've edged the sinamay in this design and it's worked out really well, I think. This is on a hairband which makes it easy to wear and was to the client's specification. I'll be posting it on first thing in the morning.

I have a few more orders to complete now that this one is finished. The custom colours April peacock design is the next in line, and then an Anna in almond and cranberry is after that.

I've been catagorising my new photos for the website today, checking John has given me all the photos we shot with the correct jewellery and tiaras on it and I've been organising my friend to take the product shots so they will be the next thing to be shot. I have to start putting the products with descriptions onto the website this week with a view to go live in about 3 weeks hopefully. Here's a couple more shots.

I'm in love with the colour blood red at the moment and I got some great suede effect lamp shades for my bedroom which match my wall art and look great!

Plus, P is dressing up in red for Comic Relief at school on friday, so red is in!!!

N x

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Natalie said...

Oh my gosh -- your pictures are gorgeous and your designs make me want to run out and get married again just so I can wear one!!