Wednesday, 26 August 2009

On the Mend

It seems that once someone gets wind that you make stuff, everyone brings you something to fix! I've had 3 people bring me pieces of jewellery to fix over the last week or so which is so funny because I could do it before but never told anyone. Anyway, because I'm nice like that, I've fixed it all. A bracelet and 2 necklaces for my lovely clients. What would I do without them?

It's still all go on the fascinator front and I've just finished the tiara that I was talking about a few weeks back. The client made various tweaks to it, including a whole re-hash of the pearls, but I'm so pleased with it. You can read the original post here. I'll post a pic of the complete one soon.

Here's some more orders that have gone out. I must start using my actual camera to take photos instead of my phone, and I might give 'Polly' the head some hair for a change! Better sort out a wig for her!

Jane design in chestnut with chocolate and ivory feathers with additional guinea fowl plume on a comb:

Jane design in royal with black feathers on a comb:

Jane design in pewter with ivory feathers on a band:

Jessica design in black with silver and black feathers on a band:

Claire design, reduced size, black with ivory and silver feathers on a comb:

Sparkle tiara with ivory feathers:

I've just downloaded 100 pics off my phone because I'd lost the USB wire, and there's about 60 of the cat that P's taken, some orders and some holiday snaps! I'd forgotten about most of them!

Me and Mom in the sunshine:

My beautiful sisters waiting for our plane home:

P wants a new kitten, so we're on the look out. Preferably a short haired black female for Charlie to woo! It'd better be chilled too because P likes to look after Charlie like a baby!

N x

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