Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Snazzy Titles And A Bird!

I have to share this amazing site with you. I wanted some snazzy handwritten titles for my blog and stumbled upon these guys. Again, such an easy walk through tutorial. Download your favourite handwritten style... (there's loads!), do some super easy layout changes, and you're there, looking smug with your new fancy titles! Make sure you have some time on your hands because it does take a while, but it worked first time with me and now I'm the proud owner of 'Pea Susela'. All the fonts off this website are true type fonts and will appear on any computer that loads your pages, not just on your own. Read it and weep! (then go and get your own on here!)

The rest of Kevin and Amanda's site is really worth reading, with some amazing recipes (I know what you're thinking, Mom...) and some lovely scrapbooking stuff, so hop over and see!

I've been working on my summer sunflower fascinator today which now has beaded sinamay leaves with rolled edges, and almond colour sinamay swirls. I'm going to add a light green stripped spadona for height (imagine an ostrich feather, with the feathers removed so you just have the centre sword) and I've chosen an ivory straw base to compliment the yellow crin fabric which forms the brim. It really is an organic process, this one. I'm just going with the flow to see what I create. Sometimes I find that's the best way to work. Add a crystal here, a feather there and see what the outcome is!

Happy Wednesday :)

N x

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