Tuesday, 12 January 2010

No One Puts Cupcake In A Corner...

My new obsession is reading cupcake and cookie blogs. It's not the baking that floats my boat, it's the genius artistic ability these women have to turn some sugar and butter and eggs into the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Their creations are absolutely beautiful and it makes me want to bake. Therefore, I am setting out on a cupcake and cookie mission. I want my cupcakes and cookies to be beautiful. I want people to think I'm a cupcake queen. And it might give me something to do whilst I wait for the wedding season to pick up. Who knows, I might get so good I can offer wedding cupcakes to my brides...

Talking of bridal cupcakes... get this. I found it on a fabulous blog called IronCupcake and it's probably a sugar fiend's dream!! How could you say no?

In honor of Since1910.com’s 100 year anniversary, Since1910 is offering a $106,794 cupcake.
The diamond cupcake is available in vanilla or chocolate and features a 5.48 ct Round Diamond on top of the cupcake. The diamond advertised is a GIA certified 5.48 ct round diamond – F color – Si2 clarity – Good Cut. There are many diamond options for the cupcake, which will affect the total price of the cupcake.

“We are thrilled to offer this amazing proposal dessert for those discerning patrons who want to create a once in a lifetime memory.” – says Eric Peerless, Vice President of Since1910.com
Peerless states that they will ship the cupcake and diamond via Free Fedex overnight anywhere in the world.
After hearing a surprising amount of engagement stories from men who proposed using dessert as the proposal vehicle, Peerless decided to offer this incredible dessert via their website.
For more information contact http://www.since1910.com at customerservice@since1910.com or 1-800-979-1910
I'll take 2!! 

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A Wedding Story said...

I love it! The shade of pink in the icing is gorgeous!!